We are more than a
school support system

We started off as a small independent preschool and evolved as a full-fledged online school support during the pandemic.

We are a team of dedicated educators and have worked in different fields before.

We have brought our expertise to digitize and democratize education.

Meet Our Team

We believe that nothing beats a good teacher when it comes to education. We want to ease the way and offer support so that the teachers do actual teaching and spend less time in administrative or repetitive work involved in classroom teaching.

The same goes for the principals and administrators of small schools. Enquiries, fee payment, receipts, reports, student management, teacher’s skill upgradation, books, uniforms, planning events are things which can be handled at a central level. Our mission is to offer quality curriculum and efficient services to schools and like our logo we will be the well-oiled cog in your wheel.

Meet Our Team

We will be transparent in our functions. The student first approach. Responsive and feedback-based services. Innovate constantly.

Meet Our Team

Services We Offer

School Webpage

Your own site with the school information, location map, downloadable admission forms, fee structure information, announcements.

Drip Curriculum

Day wise curriculum accessible to the teachers for teaching with videos, lesson plans, stories, worksheets, drawing, craft and pretend play ideas. Daily lessons and HWs can be shared with parents so there are no need for dairy updates.

Teacher's Training

Continuous training for your teachers which can be managed by the principals. This will not only keep your teachers updated with the latest teaching methods it will be a good tool for owners and principals to evaluate teachers during appraisals.

After School

There are many extracurricular activities like western music, drawing, drama, spoken English, foreign languages which can be tied up with the schools. This will be especially useful for schools offering afterschool activities or daycare facilities.

Community Building

This is a platform where you can build a community and share your everyday achievements. You will be able to reach your students, parents and future customers at the click of the button. You will be able to share on the digital platform of your choice like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. This is a great digital marketing resource for small schools and businesses.


Schools or parents can book counseling sessions. Every school cannot afford to have their inhouse school counselor but a subscription to learning circle will give them access to a qualified counselor/therapist anytime.


All your school needs like textbooks, worksheets, story books, art & craft items, holiday work books, uniforms, magician booking, petting zoo booking will be available online.

Admin Support

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School Auditing

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Meet Our Team

Our Service Payment Options


Schools with less
than 50 students


Schools with more
than 50 Students

Home School

INR 800.00
/ Chilld / month